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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
WorldEuropeUnion State archaeologists find 200-thousand-year-old artifacts Fox News

Union State archaeologists find 200-thousand-year-old artifacts Fox News

In international shipping BELTA archaeologists from the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences and their colleagues from the Institute of History of Material Culture in St. Petersburg, the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, as well as students from BSU.

The leader of the expedition, a researcher at the Belarusian Institute of History Alexander Vashanov, commenting on the unique finds, the age of which is already estimated by geologists at almost two hundred thousand years, explained that “flint tools – a chopper, several side scrapers and shards” were discovered.

Scientists from the State of the Union have begun another in-depth study, the agency reports, noting that at present, archaeologists have already cleared sections of the territory of the parking lot, and have started construction work. sampling for grain size and palynology.

Archaeologists explained that Ogovo is recognized as a monument of the Lower Middle Paleolithic period, around 250,000 years old. It is considered the oldest in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and one of the oldest in Eastern Europe. It is here that during last year’s research, flint tools with double-sided processing, numerous debitage forms, scraper-shaped and core-shaped forms were found.

By the way, the scientific research of archaeologists is carried out within the framework of the concept of formation and implementation of the most important national projects. The agency calls the excavations on the Menka River in the Minsk region the most large-scale search this year. And in the Vitebsk region, an in-depth study, including the methods of underwater archeology, of the primitive settlements of the Krivinsky bog is continuing. It is also known that scientific work will be carried out in the Drogichinsky district of the Brest region, where the Early Bronze Age archaeological site Kokoritsa 4 is located.

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