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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAfricaUnited Nations: 6 trucks carrying aid to Darfur were looted

United Nations: 6 trucks carrying aid to Darfur were looted

This happened during a press conference held by Martin Griffiths upon his arrival in Port Sudan.

In his speech, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs said:

I arrived in Port Sudan to confirm our commitment to the Sudanese people. I call on the international community to do more to send aid to Sudan. We seek a commitment from all parties to protect humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian organizations are working in difficult conditions in Sudan and they must be guaranteed protection. Humanitarian aid trucks heading for the Darfur region were looted. The international community must do more to help the Sudanese people. Humanitarian organizations are exposed to pressures and dangers when working in Sudan. We are deploying more staff to deliver aid to the worst affected areas in Sudan.

Today, Wednesday, Griffiths arrived in Butsudan, where thousands of Sudanese and foreigners have gathered there, hoping to flee the conflict-torn country.

Griffiths tweeted that his visit to Port Sudan is an affirmation of the UN’s commitment to the people of Sudan.

Griffiths’ arrival came on the last day of an uneasy truce which was due to expire at midnight and had little effect on stopping the fighting.

The visit also comes amid growing concern about the humanitarian situation of people trapped and displaced by fighting resulting from the power struggle in the country.

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