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Friday, June 2, 2023
News"All for all". Yemen's government aims for zero prison negotiations

“All for all”. Yemen’s government aims for zero prison negotiations


The government team aims to end the suffering of thousands of detainees, abductees and those forcibly hidden in Houthi prisons.

In a statement, the government team called on the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to continue their commendable efforts and hold the Houthis to their commitments under the Stockholm agreement and the executive meetings of the exchanges. between the two parties without restriction. or condition, and the loss of the government agency Saba.

The government team has renewed its total commitment to move forward towards zero prisons, and to close this humanitarian file, according to the rule of all for all.

The government negotiating team also announced that it was ready to implement the program of mutual visits to all detainees, on the basis of the Stockholm agreement, and the results of the seventh meeting of the monitoring committee for implementation of the prisoner exchange agreement held in Switzerland from 10 to 20 March.

The team spoke of the concessions made by the legitimate government to reunite hundreds of detainees with their families who have suffered over the past years, stressing its openness and welcoming any goodwill initiative to release more detained, kidnapped, missing and those under house arrest, away from negotiations and political jobs.

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