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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsMunicipalities of the Upper Volga region implement tourism projects with regional support

Municipalities of the Upper Volga region implement tourism projects with regional support

Region.Tver.Ru Tver

Municipalities of the Upper Volga region in 2023 will receive funds from the regional budget for the creation and development of tourism projects. The issue was discussed at a meeting of the regional government, which was hosted on May 3 by Governor Igor Rudenya.

“Along with the development of tourism, we are developing infrastructure, a comfortable urban environment, cultural and social life in the Tver region, and transforming the appearance of our cities and settlements. Tourism is not only an opportunity to gain economic advantage, but also an incentive for local authorities to take a different look at our territories,” said Igor Rudenya, commenting on the matter to media representatives after the meeting of the government.

10 projects were submitted for the competition, four of them will receive funds for implementation depending on the results of the competitive selection. Among the winners is the Toropetsky municipal district, where the object of the tourist spectacle, the house of Patriarch Tikhon, is being modernized. Major work will be carried out in the building, including the installation of the heating system, the replacement of the roof and the repair of the entrance unit.

In Vyshny Volochyok, with regional support, an exhibition with additional reality elements “Volchok invites you to Volochyok” will be created. 8 sculptures and information terminals will be installed in the city. Each of the sculptures will be provided with a QR code with an interactive visit.

The Rzhev Municipal District will receive funds to repair the model room, replace the stained glass windows and install a ramp for visitors with reduced mobility at the Rzhev Museum of Architectural History.

Another winner of the competitive selection was the municipal district of Andreapolsky. Support was provided for the purchase and installation of a touch screen information kiosk and a tourist information stand at the local museum bearing the name of Eduard Shimkevich.

Co-financing from local budgets is also foreseen for the implementation of all projects.

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