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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAfricaSlipping through the smoke of war.. What are the dangers of the return of the Brothers to Sudan?

Slipping through the smoke of war.. What are the dangers of the return of the Brothers to Sudan?

Two experts who spoke to “Sky News Arabia” from Khartoum warned of the consequences of political Islam forces exploiting the conflict raging within the state, to implement the interests of the organization, the main one being the return to power.

According to the two experts, the forces of political Islam are currently trying to throw more oil on the flames raging between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, to prolong the duration of the conflict as much as possible and to blow up all the ways of political agreements that would hinder the plans of the organization.

Change the nature of the conflict

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Ibrahim Nasser, head of the Platform for Security Studies and Peace Research, said:

The emergence of ideological groups, especially the currents of political Islam, and their attempt to implement an agenda of special interests in light of the current conflict scene in Sudan, is considered a very dangerous issue. Islamist movements in Sudan are hampering efforts to appease and end the conflict between the two parties. The Brotherhood attempts to fuel conflict and dismantle the military establishment by causing radical divisions within the military. The political currents of Islam are currently trying to transform the conflict between two forces into a deep ideological conflict, which complicates the crisis in Sudan.

The beginning of the return of Islamists to the scene

For his part, Sudanese writer and political analyst Abdel-Jalil Suleiman told Sky News Arabia:

The Islamic movement has returned to the Sudanese scene since the coup against the government of Abdullah Hamdok on October 25, 2021. Since that date, the army commander, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan , authorized the political activity of the Islamic movement, so the conference of the Islamic Movement was held, and it was a starting point for the Islamists to take over several positions inside the country. The return of the Islamists to the scene since that date is one of the central reasons for the war that is taking place today in Sudan. They regained their power and were brought back to the fore, and now they are the ones waging war on the front lines. Even statements released today regarding the ongoing conflict are overshadowed by the style of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The objective is to dismantle Sudan

The first potential dangers of the Islamists’ return to the country’s current political scene, according to Suleiman:

It is represented in the disintegration of Sudan, “because the Sudanese people, with all their political and social sects, reject the return of the organization, except for its supporters and sympathizers”. The Brotherhood’s return to the Sudanese scene today is a comeback. One of the most important indicators of the return of the Brotherhood two years ago is the decision to freeze the work of the Committee for the Dismantling of Brotherhood Funds, by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Bourhan .

The gap between the army and the Rapid Support Forces

Suleiman says the Brotherhood elements are mainly responsible for the war unfolding in Sudan today, after they managed to drive a wedge between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces, and they are still trying to trigger more crises and spread the conflict. , in order to dismantle the two parties for the benefit of their own agenda. Today the Brotherhood has achieved a very important goal for them, related to the outbreak of a conflict between the army and the supporting forces, and at the moment they have achieved a set of gains, the main of which is the release of their leaders from prison.

danger for neighboring countries

Abdel Jalil believes that the movements of Islamic forces inside Sudan represent a great danger for neighboring African countries, especially since the group’s agenda crosses borders and aims to create chaos and violence in several countries. . Suleiman warns that possible cooperation between extremist Islamic organizations inside and outside Sudan, such as Boko Haram, ISIS and others, poses a real threat to neighboring countries.

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