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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiathe cost of the wardrobe of the mayor of Sochi Alexei Kopaygorodsky exceeds his annual income

the cost of the wardrobe of the mayor of Sochi Alexei Kopaygorodsky exceeds his annual income

The wardrobe of the mayor of Sochi Alexei Kopaygorodsky, whose income for 2021 amounted to 1.4 million rubles, could cost at least 2 million rubles

Notebook studied the resort leader’s preferences and gasped. Apparently, Kopaygorodsky is a shopaholic who spends all his money on clothes at the Central Department Store (and borrows some more).

The wardrobe of the mayor of Sochi, Alexei Kopaygorodsky, whose income in 2021 was 1.4 million rubles, could cost almost the same or even more. In publicly available photographs, the mayor shows off clothes from luxury brands such as Loro Piana, Canali and Brioni.

The mayor of Sochi seems to be in love with Italy and the clothing manufacturers of this country. Now he is at the forefront of the leaders of Russian fashion. Apparently, the sad story of the ex-governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov, whose love of luxury was able to lead to his resignation, did not teach Kopaygorodsky or other mayors anything and heads of subjects of the Russian Federation.

Alexey Kopaygorodsky’s 2022 income statement has yet to be released. It will appear later on the official portal of the resort of Sochi, as officials provide information about themselves until April 30 (after that it takes some time to verify the information). But even today, after analyzing the mayor’s income and expenses for 2021, it is clear to the naked eye that debit and credit hardly converge. Judge by yourself.

On the left is the mayor of the resort of Sochi Alexei Kopaygorodsky, on the right the actor Hyun Bin Let’s start with the fact that Mr. Kopaygorodsky does not only prefer luxury items, he loves, as magazine authors often say on glossy paper, “great luxury”. For example, in her wardrobe there is a jacket very similar to the one in which the famous South Korean actor Hyun Bin starred in the advertisement for the Loro Piana brand. On the TSUM website, the prices for such things bite painfully.

Notepad couldn’t find the exact same jacket in the online store as Hyun Bin and Alexei Kopaygoorodsky. But Christina, a TSUM consultant, reassured:

“Don’t worry, there are similar ones. We will compile a selection of similar models of jackets for you, she promised. – Specify, do you need a down jacket for spring or a down jacket for winter?

Aleksey Kopaygorodsky does not spare money for expensive things And here is another jacket from the mayor. And don’t be confused by the fact that at first glance it looks like a work suit. It is also Loro Piana. In the central department store it is sold for 279,000 rubles.

Sochi boss Aleksey Kopaygorodsky is not indifferent to the Loro Piana brand, but Loro Piana is not alone. Quite often, the mayor of Sochi appears in public in such a linen-wool jacket. It’s Canali. Also a premium Italian brand. The price is almost 90,000 rubles.

Canali clothes are made from high quality fabrics: cashmere, wool, cotton, silk, flannel, tweed, etc. All of the brand’s factories are located in Italy. Canali things are worn by actors, politicians, businessmen, athletes. The brand’s clothes often appeared in films. For example, in films such as Jasmine, Starpeppers, Beauty and the Beast.

Another passion of the mayor is the Italian premium brand Canali And here is a suede bomber jacket from Canali. Looks the same in Kopaygorodsky’s wardrobe. This piece is hand dyed deep blue. 100% leather. The price is 191 thousand rubles.

Suede bomber from Canali for 191,000 rubles The mayor of the main Russian resort town is not limited to things from Loro Piana and Canali. He can often be seen in public wearing Brioni. This is no less famous Italian fashion house. It is possible that in the wardrobe of Alexei Kopaygorodsky there is not only this luxurious silk jacket for 319,000 rubles, but also suits from Brioni.

Moscow fashionista DJ Grisha Super, looking at the photos of the mayor of Sochi, said that Alexei Kopaygorodsky dresses elegantly, smartly and delicately.

Moscow fashionista Grisha Super “He looks great,” says Grigory. – It is obvious that the mayor is very restrained in his images and colors. I think that’s very important for a politician. And even if he doesn’t have the cheapest things, but I wouldn’t want the mayor of my city to dress in a mass market.

The capital fashionista noted that he did not find expensive watches in the photographs of the mayor of Sochi.

“And that suggests he’s probably an honest and respectable public servant,” says Grisha Super.

The mayor of Sochi chooses clothes from Italian manufacturers Loro Piana, Canali and Brioni. No one disputes: expensive and rich. But none of the reasonable Russians want us all to be ashamed of the mayor of Russia’s main resort town. And how else should the mayor of Sochi, the mayor of the main internal showcase of the resort town, dress? Why didn’t he receive an appropriate salary? Where is the governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratiev, looking? Isn’t he ashamed of himself?

But in this case, as the hero of a famous movie said: “Where’s the money, Lebowski?” Doesn’t Aleksey Kopaygorodsky print them? Doesn’t he accept bribes and offerings every day? I don’t even want to think about the obvious signs of corruption. Therefore, if any of the readers know where the head of Sochi has the funds to buy high-end items, write in the comments to this article or contact the editors in any other convenient way.

Notebook will continue to help Sochi Mayor Alexei Kopaygorodsky bring his income in line with his clothes.

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