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Thursday, October 5, 2023


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Entertainment'They just want to get rid of one of the guys': Jungkook's ex-lover talks about being bullied by BTS

‘They just want to get rid of one of the guys’: Jungkook’s ex-lover talks about being bullied by BTS

Recently, ARMY was actively writing on the web about a serious rift in the relationship between the members of BTS. Specifically, about the entire team’s feud with Jungkook. The reason for the conflict, judging by the reports, was Gookie’s impudent behavior, which allegedly insulted the group leader’s mother, Kim Namjoon (Namjoon). This, according to ARMY, was the starting point for Maknae’s bullying.

Even Jungkook’s ex-girlfriend spoke about the conflict between the guys. She said Gookie had already apologized more than once, but Rap Monster, like the rest of the guys, decided to go on principle. Above all, the idol’s ex-lover is amazed that the rest of the BTS members interfered in the feud for whatever reason. “They just want to get rid of one of the guys,” the girl expressed her suspicions.

She also added that she doesn’t understand this behavior in an adult team and doesn’t know how long the rest of the idols will test Gookie’s strength. ARMYs continue to support their idol and protect him from the attacks of villains who are trying to write something nasty about Jungkook on the web.

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