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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Narad ji is the journalist who takes the call of the devotee to God


– Yogesh Kumar Goyal

The birth anniversary of Narad Muni, the first divine reporter of the universe, is on May 6 this year. He is the first correspondent of Lokmangal. That’s why she is Devarshi. How painful it is that the pioneers of comedy of the day fashioned him into a mythical figure of gossip and conflict. This needs to be considered. In fact, his main objective was to reach the call of every devotee to God. While traveling from one world to another, he has been playing the role of an active and meaningful correspondent by doing the work of compilation of dialogues. Through dialogue, Narad ji has done the work of connecting rather than breaking. That’s why he is the first patriarch of journalism. He is considered the divine messenger of the gods and the foremost seeker of communication.

It is believed that Devarshi Narad was born on the Pratipada of Krishna Paksha in the month of Jyestha. That is why Narad Jayanti is celebrated every year on this day. On this day, after worshiping Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi, Devarshi Narad is worshipped. Narad, who sings the praises of Lord Vishnu with the melodious tone of his veena and always chants Narayan-Narayan from his mouth, is considered the teacher of Maharishi Vyas, Maharishi Valmiki and Mahagyani Shukdev.

In some scriptures, Narad Muni has also been considered as Trikaldarshi and an incarnation of Vishnu. According to Shrimad Bhagwadpuran, Lord Vishnu has taken the third incarnation in the form of Devarshi Narad in the universe. At some places he is also described as a disciple of Brihaspati. According to religious Puranas, Devarshi Narad, who was proficient in many arts and sciences, was taught music by Brahmaji himself and Lord Vishnu explained to him the various forms of Maya. It is believed that Devarshi Narad himself initiated devotees in the path of devotion by giving sermons to devotees Prahlad, devotee Ambareesh, devotee Dhruva etc.

It was he who got Bhrigu daughter Lakshmi married to Lord Vishnu. By persuading Devraj Indra, he got married to Dev dancer Urvashi with Pururava. Apart from this, he also became the medium of their destruction by taking the account of the oppression of the public by many tyrannical giants to God. Inspired Maharishi Valmiki to compose Ramayana. This is the reason why Narad ji, who deserves respect in all eras, times, genres and classes, is remembered as a poet, a brilliant politician and an influential speaker who is aware of the news of all the worlds.

The mention of how Devarshi Narad, the benefactor of the people, used to get sad seeing various creatures on earth sad, this is also mentioned in a mythological story. According to the story, once Devarshi Narad went to Baikunthadham and requested Lord Vishnu that he himself was very sad to see the people on the earth unhappy because there is no good for those who follow the path of religion but only for those who do wrong things. Lord Vishnu said that O Narad! It is not so and whatever is happening is happening through destiny only. He asked what did you see, on the basis of which you are saying this? Then Devarshi said that he saw a cow stuck in the marshy ground in the forest.

A thief came there and seeing the cow stuck in the swamp, instead of helping it, he climbed on it and crossed the swamp, who went ahead and found a bag full of gold coins. After a few moments, an old monk came there, who after a lot of effort pulled the cow out of the swamp, but after going a little further, the same monk got injured by falling into a deep pit. What justice is this after all? After listening to Devarshi’s words, Lord Vishnu said that the thief who ran away on a cow was destined to have a huge treasure, but because of his sin, he got only a few coins, while the sage had to fall into the pit because his Death was written in his destiny but saving the cow increased his virtue and his death turned into a minor injury. Lord Vishnu explained to him that his fate is decided by his actions.

Devarshi Narad, who has an infinite store of virtues and is proficient in all the scriptures, has been called such a God of the mind in the scriptures, who recognizes any happening-unhappening in time. He is considered to be a connoisseur of the Vedas and Upanishads, a philosopher of justice and religion, a great scholar of the scriptures, an expert in history and mythology, a connoisseur of medicine, a connoisseur of yoga, astrology and music, a master of devotional rasa and a knower of the past. He is such a mythological character, who is perfect in philosophy. The famous ‘Narad Purana’ with twenty-five thousand verses has been composed by Devarshi, in which he has presented the devotional glory of Lord Vishnu as well as the mimansa of many subjects like Moksha, Dharma, Music, Brahmagyan, Atonement etc. Apart from this, there is also an excellent book of music ‘Narada Samhita’.

(The author is a freelance commentator.)

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