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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsAfter the accident of the Super Egyptian.. How is the fainting of...

After the accident of the Super Egyptian.. How is the fainting of the players handled?


Metwally case

Al-Ahly club doctor Ahmed Abu Abla has confirmed that the player’s health condition is good, while media sources reported that Mahmoud Metwally will be referred to a doctor specializing in heart disease to carry out tests. complete medical examinations to verify his condition, while excluding him. the team’s trip to Tunisia to face Esperance in the semi-final matches of the CAF Champions League.

Cases of fainting and loss of consciousness occur from time to time in football stadiums, and the case of Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen is one of the most famous of these cases, as the player fell on the Parken stadium in the Danish capital Copenhagen, which hosted the opening match of the Euro 2020 championship between Denmark and Finland, causing a state of panic among the spectators of the match.

The medical device was able to reach the player quickly and provide first aid, and after comprehensive examinations and follow-up, a pacemaker was implanted, after which Eriksen returned to compete in matches almost 8 months after this incident.

Great effort on the heart

Players often lose consciousness during intense, fast-paced matches because the heart has to beat very quickly to pump blood throughout the body, causing blood pressure or heart rate to drop. Trauma during scuffles Physical activity on the field, sometimes associated with other diseases related to the condition of the heart, such as stopping of blood pumping to the brain or an abnormality of the heart muscle.

Actions needed

Consultant Cardiologist and former Dean of the Heart Institute in Egypt, Dr. Gamal Shaaban, explained to ‘Sky News Arabia’ that in case of a fall on the ball court, there are necessary measures to keep the body safe. player, the most important of which are:

• As soon as the player falls, his closest colleague (like Mohamed El-Shennawy, when Mahmoud Metwally, the Al-Ahly player) falls, must lie down next to him on the ground and perform a massage heart attack, which is known as “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”, until the medical team accompanied by a shock machine came to his aid.

• After that, the player is transferred to the hospital for monitoring and undergoing several examinations, with an MRI of the brain to ensure his safety and the absence of concussion or other.

• Completion of an electrocardiogram, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, to ensure that there is no hypertrophy of the heart muscle, nor the presence of an electrical imbalance, and in In the event of life-threatening symptoms, electrophysiological studies should be completed for the case and appropriate treatment should be instituted.

• Fainting during games can have simple causes like lack of salts, or the need for solutions, or other things, and its causes can be serious, and it is the tests that determine the seriousness of the situation.

• The fall of the player must be taken seriously and not considered normal.

• Danish player Eriksen’s case, one of the most famous fainting spells, ended with the implantation of a pacemaker so he could return to stadiums.

What is heart electricity?

The consultant cardiologist explained that the electricity of the heart is the system responsible for regular heart beats and it works at a regular rate thanks to the presence of a battery of cells at the top of the right atrium which controls the rhythm of the heart. from 60 to 100 if the person is in a sleeping or seated and relaxing state, and increases in the state of movement. .

And the former dean of the Heart Institute said that sometimes a stray spot appears on the outside of this pile, which causes an imbalance in the electricity of the heart, and this happens as a result of a defect genetics of heart electricity, or an enlargement of the heart muscle for various reasons and causes the electrical imbalance that causes fainting or depression.

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