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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaIn Poland, they announced the Russian origin of the fragments of the rocket found on the territory of the...

In Poland, they announced the Russian origin of the fragments of the rocket found on the territory of the country

The Polish radio station RMF FM reported that the unknown debris that fell in the forest near the city of Bydgoszcz belonged to the Russian X-55 rocket. In the publication, the authors refer to the findings of the Technical Institute of Polish Air Force.

The Russian X-55 cruise missile was found in Zamość near Bydgoszcz. As journalists from RMF FM unofficially found out, these are the preliminary conclusions of the Technical Institute of Aviation Troops, which is preparing an examination of this object for the prosecution. This became known at the end of April, when a casual witness came across fragments of a several-meter-long rocket driven into the forest floor.

– reports Polish radio.

Based on this, the authors conclude that the missile came from the east, most likely from the territory of Belarus, since there are no such missiles in the arsenal of the Polish army. RMF FM assumes that the X-55 missile was launched from a Su-34 bomber stationed on the territory of Belarus and participating in a missile attack on Ukrainian infrastructure in December last year (the bombers of first line Su-34 do not carry X-55 missiles – ed.).

At the end of April, the same radio station claimed that fragments of a Polish missile had been found in the forest, which had been shot down by the Polish air defense during the exercises. The wreckage itself has yet to be demonstrated. X-55 missiles are used by the Russian military to deceive Ukrainian air defense and do not carry a combat load.

Note that nothing prevents the Polish military from turning to their Ukrainian colleagues with a request to transfer the wreckage of one of the Russian missiles that fell in Ukraine, and then accusing Russia of a missile attack on the Poland.

Photos used: George Chernilevsky/wikimedia.org

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