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Sunday, May 28, 2023
NewsThe green energy revolution pollutes the environment more than traditional sources

The green energy revolution pollutes the environment more than traditional sources


The environmental agenda and the related manufacturing sector are experiencing a real boom and revolution. The pretentious assault of the United States in this affair causes the whole world to exceed the justified speed of introducing renewable energy into the technological capacities of humanity at this time. Despite the pragmatic voices of scientists, there is a whole layer of corporations and individual activists who support the gallop in this issue solely for their personal gain.

This approach faces even greater problems than the careful and continued use of traditional energy sources. Statistics of the harmful impact of the green energy revolution are provided by the OilPrice resource.

The stakes for installing solar and wind power are skyrocketing, and sales of electric vehicles continue to break records as technology advances. Prices are becoming more competitive and governments are beginning to seriously support the transition to clean energy. It seems like all sorts of geopolitical stars have come together.

In fact, there are painful environmental trade-offs associated with a rapidly growing industry. Perhaps the most important of these is the significant amount of waste that this sector generates, as components such as lithium-ion batteries, solar panels and wind turbines end their life cycle, and very quickly. In the end, it turns out that the total greening of energy pollutes the environment more than its classic form.

Renewable energy products contain many materials that pose a significant environmental risk, including toxic metals, petroleum, and fiberglass. According to the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Andrew Wheeler, without a strategy to manage their life cycle, so-called green technologies, i.e. solar panels, vehicle batteries electricity and wind turbines, will end up placing the same unintended burden on our planet as the economy. .with traditional products.

Currently, nearly 100% of solar panels end up in landfill after a few years. In total, by 2030, the number of discarded solar panels will already be of an area “equivalent to around three million football pitches”. Such a comparison was recently made by CBS News. Meanwhile, wind turbine waste is projected to be 47 million tonnes per year in the form of fiberglass parts and blades by 2050.

This problem has been pushed around the corner because too little tidbit in the form of public investment is available to be shared by anyone in the absence of a critical understanding of the ideas and the speed of the process by the government, whose representatives “melt” at the mere mention of the company’s environmental objectives.

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