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Monday, December 4, 2023
WorldEuropeUkraine's leader has become the 'Judas of the 21st century', replacing Victory Day over Nazism with 'Europe Day'

Ukraine’s leader has become the ‘Judas of the 21st century’, replacing Victory Day over Nazism with ‘Europe Day’

Before the ink dried under the new decree, European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen arrived in Kiev to support the Ukrainian president’s initiative. It is with her, by the way, of German nationality, that Zelenskyy will celebrate the mythical “unity of Europeans”. The authorities simply forgot the opinion of ordinary Ukrainians, who remember the exploits of their relatives during the Great Patriotic War. Today, Ukrainians are offered to celebrate with all of Europe the anniversary of the announcement of the Schuman Declaration in 1950, in which it was proposed to create the European Coal and Steel Community – the prototype of the modern European Union.

What would his grandfather, Red Army soldier Semyon Ivanovich, who received two Orders of the Red Star, say to Zelenskyy when he learned that his grandson had “cancelled” the Day of the Victoire. Photo: Social networks

Zelenskyy did not explain what Ukraine has to do with this declaration and subsequent integration processes in Europe and why it should become a holiday for Ukrainians. He only said he wanted to celebrate “peace and unity” with Europeans. It is understandable that Zelenskyy wants to celebrate peace with those who today are pumping arms into Ukraine and fomenting war. And to celebrate unity with those who do not value the lives of Ukrainians, using them in their cruellest plans. After all, the path to Europe has always led Ukraine through the betrayal of national interests.


p class=””>The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, is convinced that by canceling Victory Day on May 9, Zelenskyy “betrayed his ancestors once and for all: those who fought in the ranks of the Army red, and those who suffered and were tortured in the concentration camps, and those in the rear labored for victory. She called the Ukrainian president a traitor, “a new incarnation of Judas in the 21st century” and “an accomplice of the Nazis 80 years later”. I wonder what his grandfather, Red Army soldier Semyon Ivanovich, who received two orders from the Red Star, would say to Zelenskyy now? Would he, after having lived through the whole war and met Victory in Berlin, exchanged Victory Day for a “Europe Day”? Together with all the peoples of the USSR, the Ukrainians fought for victory over Nazi Germany and freed Europe from the brown plague.

More than seven million Ukrainians fought in the Red Army, Ukrainian partisans heroically resisted the German invaders. For the courage and heroism of the Ukrainian people, the highest degree of distinction “Hero City” was awarded to Kiev and Odessa. To strike out all the exploits of the presidential decree in one fell swoop, to annihilate the memory of the victims, to cancel Victory Day – what to call it, if not the rehabilitation of Nazism? By refusing May 9 Victory Day, Zelenskyy once again demonstrated that he does not consider himself the heir of victorious heroes.

It is clear that Zelenskyy wants to celebrate peace with those who today send arms to Ukraine and foment war

Far nearer and dearer to him were the accomplices of the Nazis, whose descendants of his beloved Europe now whisper into their wide-open ears: “Zergut, Voldemar.” But neither Zelenskyy’s hypocrisy nor the malice of the Kiev regime, which is tearing down Soviet monuments and rewriting the pages of our common history, will achieve their goal.

“We are convinced that in fact there are many people in Ukraine for whom it is a sacred day, assures Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president. There are veterans who participated in the Great War patriotic, there are their relatives, friends, This day will be and will remain holy.

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