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Thursday, October 5, 2023


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Entertainment"If I hadn't quit, I would have been forced," Taehyung revealed when explaining the shameful reason why he wrote...

“If I hadn’t quit, I would have been forced,” Taehyung revealed when explaining the shameful reason why he wrote a statement on his own.

Taehyung is one of South Korea’s hottest and most influential influencers. The fans melt under his gaze, the fate of HYBE depends on his actions… But, however, it turns out that the dependence of V and HYBE is mutual. The management also offers the guys their own requirements and rules.

An anonymous source revealed in a personal blog post that a few years ago, Taehyung received an article with the top 3 reasons why he has the right to leave the label. Of course, Vee can write a statement for any reason or even in his absence, however, as company employees noted at the time, these reasons are a serious reason to leave. Let’s go through them to learn more about Korean business politics.

Health: Although BTS is known for their excellent health, many of their members, including RM, have had health issues in the past. Dissatisfaction: No matter how successful the BTS group members are, some of them may feel some dissatisfaction in their careers or feel like they haven’t found what they are looking for in creativity. Change in label vibe: BTS members may no longer feel the connection or respect they once had within the company. A change of atmosphere within the team can be a reason for leaving.

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