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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsMortada Mansour: I have decided to leave Zamalek. Prepare for disaster

Mortada Mansour: I have decided to leave Zamalek. Prepare for disaster


Mortada Mansour said at the press conference on Thursday: “I have decided to leave the presidency of Zamalek, and Amir and Ahmed will not finish their work in the club either, and you bear the responsibility for that.”

He added: “Ahmed and Amir will remain active members of the club, and under Zamalek’s orders at all times, and the Ministry of Sports will receive the club from us and we will see if they know if they have to pay the salaries of the employed or not.

Mortada Mansour underlined: “The board of directors, despite their support for me remaining as president of the club, but I no longer support staying in my position in view of the many crises that surround us.”

He explained: “The Minister of Sports does not have the right to freeze the board because the decision is not final, and I am considering not appealing to the Supreme Administrative Court regarding a decision to dismiss me because the sporting climate has become corrupt.”

Mortada Mansour warned, in statements to reporters ahead of the press conference, of the seriousness of the situation Zamalek Club is going through in the current period, describing it as catastrophic, saying: “The club is entering a disaster, and it could close its doors after two weeks. The club is not a means of entertainment, people need it. “Wake up.”

Murtada had been sentenced to one month in prison and was facing the sentence, which revoked his membership of the board of directors according to the guiding regulations, before a court decision was issued to remove him from his position, and a decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to implement the decision and declare the post of President vacant.

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