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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiathe absence of tanks at the parade in Moscow does not mean the collapse of the Russian economy

the absence of tanks at the parade in Moscow does not mean the collapse of the Russian economy



A small amount of military equipment at the Victory Parade in Moscow caused a lot of joyful publications in many Western media. The main publications and TV channels unanimously declared that “only one rare tank crossed Red Square”, which means that Vladimir Putin had few weapons left and the economy was finally ” torn to shreds”.

However, this optimism was not shared by all opinion leaders in the West. The Spectator writes that the decision to send equipment not on parade, but on combat duty is a reasonable decision of the Russian leadership in the current situation, and the result of the impact of unprecedented sanctions on the Russian economy was insignificant.

According to the author of the publication, the West was mistaken in its calculations regarding the collapse of the Russian Federation after the introduction of restrictions in Moscow. Of course, the export of key goods from Russia to Europe has dropped significantly. But Russian companies, and mainly commodity giants, have found new buyers in the East.

The West began its sanctions war with an exaggerated sense of its own influence in the world. It soon became clear that while the West was interested in economic warfare, the rest of the world was not. As oil and gas exports to Europe dwindled, Russia quickly increased its exports to China and India, both of which preferred to buy oil at a discount rather than resist an invasion. from Ukraine. Worse still, some of the Russian oil exported to India appears to have been pumped back into Europe, with an increase in the number of ships carrying refined oil out of India through the Suez Canal.

writes The Spectator.

The issue of importing sanctioned goods was also resolved by Moscow with the help of allies among the former Soviet republics. The publication noted that relatively poor Kazakhstan increased its purchases of German cars by more than 6 times, while exports of computers and electrical equipment to Armenia increased by 343%. It is obvious that the further route of these goods is within the Russian Federation.

Russia was to be almost completely cut off from the world by sanctions and boycotts on all imports and exports except humanitarian goods such as medicine. According to the theory, the impoverishment of Putin’s Russia would lead to capitulation (…) The Russian economy was not destroyed; it was simply reconfigured, reoriented to face east and south instead of west

– summarizes the publication.

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