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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAfricaWatch out.. Motorbikes are "in the crosshairs" of Sudan

Watch out.. Motorbikes are “in the crosshairs” of Sudan


The Sudanese army has accused the Rapid Support Forces of extensive use of motorbikes in their travels, stressing that they have become “legitimate targets to be dealt with” by the forces, while warning citizens not to use them temporarily until the end of the military operations in order to preserve their lives, according to the office of the spokesman of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

It comes days after Acting Governor of Khartoum State Ahmed Osman Hamza decided to ban motorbikes in the capital, Khartoum, and surrounding areas from transporting passengers, while giving police the power to stop bicycles violating the ban.

Sudanese analysts, who spoke to “Sky News Arabia”, believe that there is a noticeable deterioration in the security situation in Khartoum and in areas adjacent to the clashes, at a time when some combatants are taking refuge in buildings , while motorcycles circulate. used in the hostilities and armed robberies I witnessed recently.

These conditions have prompted more of the population of Khartoum, which numbers around 10 million people, to migrate to neighboring regions or countries under extremely complex humanitarian security conditions. Amid fears the crisis could deepen further in regions suffering from limited resources.

Abd al-Rahman Haidar, a young man living in Khartoum, believes in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that many citizens and young people in particular use motorbikes in their daily commute for ease of use and speed, as well only in light of the high cost of transport by other means, while prohibiting them during the current period to increase the suffering and harm of citizens.

Haider explained that many will heed the warnings issued for fear of being targeted by armed elements, whether in Khartoum or in the various states.

No prospect of a solution

For his part, Sudanese political analyst Maher Abu Al-Goukh, who resides in Khartoum, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that it is important to take into account the popular boredom with the current conflict, and loud voices calling for an end to this war.

Abu Al-Goukh explained that it has actually become clear that this crisis, with its first month, the cost and casualties of the military decision are very high among civilians and military, like a victory with a taste of defeat because of the large losses when this happens.

He stressed the need for the will of both parties and the presence of one or more external parties to monitor the ceasefire armistice and identify parties that violate the armistice. Especially since the models and experiences of ceasefires on both sides have proven their failure.

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