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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaA traveler from Yaroslavl spoke about the true attitude of Russians abroad

A traveler from Yaroslavl spoke about the true attitude of Russians abroad

Yaroslavl resident Anton Time loves to travel and has spent a lot of time abroad in Europe. He said 76.ru about how Russians are treated there.

Anton Thame admitted that he plans to visit 25 countries in his life. He has already visited Denmark and Sweden, Belgium, Italy, as well as Latvia, Switzerland and Spain .. He spent about 230 thousand rubles on visiting these countries.

Talking about how he managed to visit so many countries, Anton Time shared some travel experience, in particular, the fact that it was Hungary that issued him the first Schengen visa in 2022.

In order to travel around Europe, he applied for a visa through France. There, officials issued him an entry permit valid for 60 days.

He began his travels in Europe at the beginning of this year. According to the tourist, holidays in Germany cost him less than in Russia – mainly due to the costs associated with moving, food and housing. Tame tries not to spend more than 1,500 rubles a day.

He admitted that he is well treated all over the world, but he had a bad experience in Georgia. He quarreled with someone in the hostel and insulted representatives of his nationality and war veterans. For such words, the offender received what he deserved.

Anton Time admits that he does not talk about politics with foreigners. Most of them do not care what happens outside their country: they are only interested in the price level and tax rates within it.

Moreover, many countries are already tired of the huge influx of refugees. In Poland, for example, no one comes out to rallies against the Russians, the traveler stressed.

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