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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaThe most precious treasure for a family is family education and values

The most precious treasure for a family is family education and values

Family is the most important component of human society. The family is an individual unit, which exerts a significant influence on human society. Family harmony brings social stability, family happiness brings social harmony and peace and family civilization brings social civilization. It is the responsibility of every family to inculcate the virtues of the family and to establish a good family tradition.

On 8 December 1989, the 44th United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution and declared the year 1994 as the International Year of the Family. In 1993, the United Nations Commission on Social Development decided to designate May 15 every year as the International Day of Families from 1994. The purpose of establishing International Family Day is to improve the understanding and solution of family problems by the governments and public of all countries. So that the international community can enhance family harmony, happiness and progress, and strengthen the stable development of society.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that family education and values ​​are the most precious treasure for a family and the best legacy for generations to come. When every family is good, then the country and the nation will be good. The happiness of a family is inseparable from the efforts of each family member. International Family Day is coming. Activate these “passwords” together to enhance family happiness.

Give “surprises” to family members often.

Present a bouquet of flowers, a sentence of “the spirit of love,” and a small gift.

People express their love for their family in these small things with a sense of culture. Adding a sense of ritual to life is an effective way to improve family happiness.

Interact with family members.

Let all the family members sit together and chat, in fact this is the time when happiness is closest to people.

Create a comfortable environment to live in.

The homes people live in are the mirror of their lives. A clean and tidy environment will infuse positive energy in people’s lives and inspire them to live. Even a simple layout can increase family happiness.

Inspire each member of the family to have a hobby.

In family life, everyone has to find things that they like and feel happy. A family is complete only when every member of the family is happy, then only it can be called a happy family.

Respond positively to the feelings of family members.

The way to make family members feel safe is to explain everything and answer everything. Responding to everything means we care about you, your needs, and your hard work.

Organize more family activities.

Family is always the most meaningful existence. Regularly organizing family activities, such as family shopping, traveling and watching movies, can enhance the bonding between family members and strengthen mutual affection.

Don’t take out your bad temper on your family.

People are often polite to strangers, while being deliberate and rude to their own families. Be kind to your families and express your feelings in front of your family.

Record the moments you spend with your families.

Recording the moments you spend with your families will leave behind many priceless memories for all the family members. After a long time people will find that there is indeed priceless wealth in the simple things of daily life.

happiness is hidden

The current society is changing rapidly, people forget to eat and sleep for work and move around for their livelihood. But don’t forget the family affection in the world. Do not create indifference towards family affection due to long distance. Do not let family affection get affected in the daily hustle and bustle. Don’t ignore family affection in the hard work of day and night.

(Credits-China Media Group, Beijing)

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