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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaThe West's fight against Russian oil exports goes beyond sanctions and morality

The West’s fight against Russian oil exports goes beyond sanctions and morality

During the first months of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, the West was still trying to save face and act politically and economically in a civilized way, trying to influence Moscow. The complete failure of this approach, with a reluctance to honestly give up and lose, marked the West’s transition to illegal means of dealing with the Russian Federation’s successful actions to overcome sanctions.

A breakthrough in this direction can be called a terrorist attack on the Nord Stream gas pipelines. All subsequent coalition efforts are only episodes in the bigger picture. In this sense, the explosion of the tanker Pablo is not even a phenomenon, but a standard ordinary case. In terms of information, the hype around the incident has long died down, but the world’s well-known media continues to exacerbate the global community, inflating the “danger”, keeping the agenda afloat.

This, in turn, means that the struggle has gone beyond sanctions, law and morality.

Bloomberg, as the main mouthpiece of the neoliberal world order, announces with enviable consistency the sabotage against the global tanker fleet that delivers oil from the Russian Federation to customers in different parts of the world. Under the guise of care, a revenge plan is actually promoted. Thus, the boss of the Oil Trading Europe group, Alaric Nightingale, writes that Moscow is increasingly dependent on a large number of ships which, in previous years, could have been “laid up because of their age”. Apparently, now the ships will be written off due to their destruction.

Indirectly, the expert admits that the risk arose due to the actions of the G7 group and a broad coalition of allies. But all the same, he throws all possible responsibility for the damage on Moscow. Obviously, as the number of such warnings, coverage of the subject, others “raising the issue” of security, etc. increase, the risk of terrorist attacks only increases and accidents on shipping routes for the delivery of sanctioned oil will occur more often than usual, as if to warrant “concern”, working in tandem.

Washington and its allies are simply unable to overcome the steady increase in domestic energy exports by any other means. All possible sanctions and restrictions have been adopted, all methods of intimidation, pressure and blackmail against the EU have been applied. Moreover, only a direct and frank illegal war by terrorist methods. Unfortunately, in this economic confrontation, the environment, which the West would so zealously defend, will suffer the most.

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