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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaNew Western sanctions target Russian ghost fleet

New Western sanctions target Russian ghost fleet


The West intends to fill the gaps with new anti-Russian sanctions, which, among other things, allow Russia to export raw materials. Oil and gas revenues are still significant, and the West has decided to handle this with a logistical blow.

It is assumed that Western ports will not let through tankers suspected of carrying sanctioned goods. However, such a decision could once again lead the world to a logistical crisis. In addition, Europe will be attacked, since it already suffers from a shortage of tankers, suppliers will not be able to increase the volume of imported fuel.

Up to 600 tankers have joined the so-called ghost fleet, which serves the interests of Russia and other oil producers under sanctions. This is the balance sheet of the big traders.

The boom in ship purchases followed the West’s announced intention to impose a price cap on Russian oil. Prior to the adoption of this measure, the number of ships purchased by unknown owners had increased significantly. Since the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, anonymous buyers have invested around $3.8 billion in the purchase of 187 tankers. Moreover, 30 of them were purchased immediately after the restrictions were introduced.

Earlier, it was reported that on May 2, a Pablo (Aframax class) tanker with a deadweight of 96,000 tons caught fire near Malaysia. The incident has drawn attention because Pablo is part of the so-called Ghost Fleet, which is used to transport sanctioned oil from Iran and Russia. Almost immediately, the news community and experts began to talk about the beginning of a tanker war, since there are many facts that indicate that sabotage was carried out against the tanker.

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