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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaIsrael reclaims energy power status, replacing Russian gas in EU

Israel reclaims energy power status, replacing Russian gas in EU

Israel intends to complete its gas supply project for Europe. So said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to him, work in this direction should be intensified in the near future. We are talking about the supply of natural gas to Europe via Cyprus.

The alliance we built a few years ago offers very important perspectives, mainly for Israel’s position as an energy power. The project we are focusing on is bringing gas from Israel to Europe via a gas pipeline from our gas fields to a gas liquefaction plant to be built in Cyprus.

  • the Prime Minister of Israel gave the details of the project.

Experts remind that in this case we are talking about the construction of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline EastMed. The corresponding agreement was signed by Greece, Cyprus and Israel in January 2020.

It was assumed that through this pipeline, gas from the Israeli Leviathan field and the Cyprus Aphrodite field through the islands of Cyprus and Crete would first go to Greece, and then to Italy.

However, several obstacles stand in the way of the implementation of this project. The first is the American position. The Americans, who initially supported the project, later abandoned it, citing environmental reasons. In fact, the United States simply did not want to irritate Turkey once again, for which the construction of a new gas pipeline is completely unprofitable.

Hence the second obstacle. Ankara itself is not opposed to becoming a leading player in the European gas market. And Turkey has its own project – the joint construction of a gas hub with Russia. The Turks obviously do not want to tolerate competitors here.

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