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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaKarelia's military commissar Artemiev spoke about the fight "with Satan's head elsewhere"

Karelia’s military commissar Artemiev spoke about the fight “with Satan’s head elsewhere”

Karelia’s military commissar Andrey Artemiev at a meeting at the mayor’s office in Petrozavodsk said that Russia is fighting Satan, but it’s “not just Ukraine, the leader of this hydra is somewhere else.”

Artemyev also noted that not all Russians “have mobilized internally.”

“Not everyone understands the degree of this importance, this necessity, in part the danger to our state with the Satan that we face. But Satan is real, and he is not alone. It’s not just Ukraine. Ukraine is in the hands and the leader of this hydra is in a different place,” he said.

In addition, Artemiev addressed the issue of armoring employees of enterprises from partial mobilization, urging managers to more actively advertise the service under the contract. He denounced the reservations against the partial mobilization of all workers and threatened to reconsider all reservations.

The day before, it was reported that the Russian government’s commission on legislative activities did not support the initiative to exempt citizens who had not done military service from partial mobilization.

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