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Saturday, September 23, 2023


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WorldAsia7th Pay Commission: Fitment factor of central employee may increase by 3 times, know how much salary will be

7th Pay Commission: Fitment factor of central employee may increase by 3 times, know how much salary will be

7th Pay Commission DA Hike: Central employees can be given a big gift of increase in basic salary from July. In the year 2016, the government implemented 7 CPC, then there was a big increase in the minimum wages of the employees.

Now once again this increase can happen. According to media reports, preparations are being made to increase the fitment factor of the employees. An increase in the fitment factor would mean an increase in the minimum wages of the employees.

how much salary will increase

When the Seventh Pay Commission came into force, the minimum wage of the employees was Rs 6,000, but after that the minimum wage became Rs 18,000. The fitment factor is fixed at 2.57 times the basic salary, but there is a demand from the employees to increase it by 3 times. With the three-fold increase in the fitment factor, the minimum wage of the employees will be Rs 26,000.

Basic salary of employees will also increase

Under the Seventh Pay Commission, it has been decided to increase the fitment factor by 2.57 times. This means that when the fitment factor increases, the salary will also increase, because the total salary is calculated by multiplying allowances like dearness allowance, traveling allowance, house rent allowance, basic salary by the fitment factor. If you understand from example, multiplying the fitment factor with 18 thousand minimum salary, the salary will be more than 42 thousand, which includes allowance. On the other hand, if the fitment factor is tripled, then the basic salary will increase further.

DA hike expected by 4%

It has been said in many media reports that the government can further increase the dearness allowance in the salary of the employees. This gift of growth can be received in July. The government can increase the DA of the employees by 4 percent. However, this increase can be decided only on the basis of AICPI data.

What is included in the salary of employees

Firstly the minimum wage is given to the employees. After this the fitment factor is added to it. Then it includes dearness allowance, traveling allowance, HRA and other allowances.

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