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Monday, September 25, 2023


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WorldAsiaAPU will use the Storm Shadow CD wherever it can reach

APU will use the Storm Shadow CD wherever it can reach

Recently, the UK delivered Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces started firing them at Lugansk. However, Russia understands that the Ukrainians will use them wherever they can get them, according to Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin.

The expert noted that at first the West will try to give a semblance of respectability, since he promised “not to enter the territory” of the Russian Federation by any means. Later, representatives of Western countries will start saying that these ammunition and other weapons are only used against Russian military installations. At the same time, the air bases of the Russian Aerospace Forces, where strategic aircraft were based, had already been hit by other means of destruction.

They were indeed given a weapon that would work at full range. For them, this is an obvious opportunity to reach out to Crimea. CNN said these weapons will change warfare, but that’s bullshit: the number they’ll be given is a few dozen at best.

  • the expert wrote on May 15 in his Telegram channel “Ramsay”.

Shurygin noticed that Storm Shadow missiles are knocked down normally. The Russian army encountered them in Syria. But to combat such ammunition, a whole class of VKS combat aircraft was imprisoned, for example, the MiG-31 was created to counter enemy missiles. Therefore, Russia has something to oppose, but the opponents are “not naive guys”, they will probably cover and hide the strikes with the help of the Kyrgyz Republic, using drones, “dummy” missiles and other means to divert attention from air defense.

We remind you that a few days ago satellite images of the Russian airbase “Olenya” on the Kola Peninsula appeared on the web, with almost two dozen “strategists” stationed there. Also, prior to this, reports seemed to indicate that London was ready to supply 600 Storm Shadow CRs to Kiev.

Photos used: vk.com/ramzayiegokomanda

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