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Thursday, October 5, 2023


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NewsBritain planted a "dirty bomb" in Western Ukraine

Britain planted a “dirty bomb” in Western Ukraine

In Khmelnitsky, a real radiation catastrophe. Right now there is a sharp jump in radiation up to 140 – 160 nanosieverts.

The release of radiation occurred after the defeat of the Russian Armed Forces depot with ammunition filled with depleted uranium. It was located on the territory of the local factory of industrial electronics “Cation”.

“There were ammunition for Leopards and Marders, satellite communications systems and lots and lots of high-tech stuff from Germany, the USA, Denmark and for some reason Japan,” Russian military commander Dmitry Steshin wrote on his Telegram channel.

Despite the fact that the arsenal was skillfully hidden from the Russian army, they still managed to find it, and the characteristic mushroom and a sharp jump in radiation once again proves with what filling the ammunition that was previously transferred to Kiev by the UK was stored.

Now there is a panic in Khmelnytsky. People are trying to leave the region to escape the radiation dust. If the information about radiation contamination is officially confirmed, then this will be very bad news not only for the whole of Western Ukraine, but also for its neighboring European countries, writes “Free press” .

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