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Monday, October 2, 2023


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Entertainment“Causes fear and horror of animals,” Jungkook admitted that it made him cry

“Causes fear and horror of animals,” Jungkook admitted that it made him cry

Do you have something so unpleasant that it frightens and causes the most disgusting emotions? It seems like every person on the planet knows what the feeling of fear is and even our most fearless “Bangtan” boys are also dealing with something that makes them feel frightening horror. Today we decided to collect TOP 5 scary things for Jungkook from BTS.


Jungkook is known for his strength and agility, but insiders often say he’s afraid of heights. The idol doesn’t like to ride roller coasters because they swing a lot and seem dangerous to him.

Public performance

Although Jungkook is a talented and experienced singer and dancer, he still feels anxiety and nervousness ahead of his upcoming public performances. This is often due to him striving to perform better and give a better result.


Like many other people, Jungkook is sometimes afraid of doing something wrong. Guki thinks that if he doesn’t move forward and learn, he won’t be able to develop as an artist.


Although fans love and support Jungkook and BTS, it’s not uncommon for some fans to act inappropriately. This often worries everyone in the group, including Jungkook.

Closed places

Finally, Jungkook is afraid of enclosed spaces. This was also stated by anonymous sources. This can happen, for example, on the set, when he is in a small room for filming. The GC worries about being hit, falling, or suffocating.

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