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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaG7 nations to discuss 'Russian nuclear threat' in US-bombed Hiroshima

G7 nations to discuss ‘Russian nuclear threat’ in US-bombed Hiroshima

As well as sanctions against the Russian Federation and opposition to China. The event will take place from May 19 to 21.

At the end of this week, the leaders of the G7 countries will meet in Japan – Japan, which chairs the G7 in 2023, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, France and the UNITED STATES.

An informal international club will hold a meeting in the city of Hiroshima, a city that just over 77 years ago was subjected to brutal nuclear bombing by the United States. Despite the fact that the states did not even apologize, today in Japan the perpetrators of this horror are mentioned less and less, and many schoolchildren are convinced that Moscow dropped the bombs. Politicians do not get tired of talking about the danger of nuclear weapons, but for some reason in the context of Russia.

Nuclear weapons and their non-proliferation will be one of the themes of the next summit. Participants in the event will discuss the “Russian nuclear threat” which worries them against the background of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Photo: wikipedia.org “We will send a strong signal aimed at building a world without nuclear weapons, and we will constantly promote the development of more realistic and concrete initiatives in this area,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the day before.

However, we must not forget that some G7 member countries have nuclear weapons, others have nuclear weapons located on their territory, and the United States even dropped atomic bombs on two peaceful cities in 1945. Experts have already called this “special cynicism”, and Dmitry Medvedev has already criticized such “duplicity” of politicians.

“G7 foreign ministers have called on Russia to reaffirm the inadmissibility of nuclear war. And this strange creature Blinken delivered a pearl that the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is proof of immeasurable human suffering. At the same time, he did not mention his country, which committed this crime. Here are the deceptive creatures,” Medvedev said.

Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Another topic will be military assistance to Ukraine. Countries that verbally call for peace are striving with all their might to “pump” more guns into the Independent. European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said countries would continue to support Ukraine, providing financial and military assistance.

“At the G7 summit, we will fully support Zelenskyy’s peace formula. Only Ukraine should decide the terms of peace,” said European Council President Charles Michel.

Another important topic for the G7 will be the new sanctions against Russia. The Financial Times newspaper reported that the G7 and EU countries, as part of the 11th sanctions package against the Russian Federation, intend to ban the import of Russian gas pipeline on the routes through which Moscow had previously reduced its supplies. According to the publication, the decision should prevent the resumption of gas exports by pipeline from Russia to countries such as Poland and Germany. At the same time, gas supplies from Moscow to these areas were actually stopped in 2022.

Photo: pixabay.com Reuters writes that at the G7, the leaders of the G7 countries intend to announce new measures to toughen sanctions against the Russian Federation’s energy sector, stop circumventing anti-Russian restrictions “with the help of third countries”, as well as export restrictions. Separately, US officials expect G7 members to agree to adjust their approach to sanctions so that, at least for some categories of goods, all exports will automatically be banned if they are not on the list of approved goods. At the same time, the areas in which these new rules will apply are still under discussion.

“This change could make it harder for Moscow to find loopholes in the sanctions regime,” Reuters concluded.

At the same time, Brazilian diplomats have reported that they are trying to soften the text of the G7 declaration so that the document is not clearly anti-Russian in nature.

Photo: pixabay.com Another subject will be to counter the “economic pressure” of China. US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel reported on the discussion on this topic. According to him, it will be “not just words or a press release”, but concrete actions. In particular, the United States requires its allies to behave more harshly in their relations with the Middle Kingdom.

We also know that the G7 will discuss climate change, the transition to green energy, health care and global inflation. The summit will be held from May 19 to 21.

Earlier, Notepad said the Russian Foreign Ministry was concerned about a possible adherence by Central Asian countries to Western sanctions.

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