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Thursday, October 5, 2023


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NewsMacron denies having directed the "shameful accusation" against the French

Macron denies having directed the “shameful accusation” against the French

“There was opposition in the street, but it happened quietly, and there were acts of violence (…) and people who didn’t want solutions. But it’s not France. This does not represent the country, and the country is moving forward and continuing to innovate,” Macron told TF1. .

He added: “Do you think it is in my interest to do what we are doing on the pension system, to bear the brunt of difficult scenarios, to suffer all the unpopularity that entails and to accept that? ”

The French president admitted having been “sometimes solid” during the negotiations on the reform of the pension system, denying on the other hand the accusation of “contempt” brought against him by a majority of French people, according to a recent opinion poll.

Macron said: “I don’t like this adjective which is used randomly”, believing that it was “an adjective that the extremists called me and which was transmitted”.

“I’ve never had anyone tell me you’re a snob. Sometimes I’m told you’re too tough, you’re too determined, you’re too energetic. And sometimes others tell me I’m not going to not far enough.”

The French president expressed his regret that some of those who advocated raising the retirement age “fleed” the battlefield as soon as the battle over this reform began.

Protests continue in France against the reform of the pension system, in particular its main clause relating to the raising of the retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

The unions have called for a new day of protest against this reform on June 6.

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