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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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Newspeople can create an artificial universe in the near future

people can create an artificial universe in the near future

The experts spoke about their vision of the near future, for which simulation universes that allow people to move around will become commonplace.

We are talking about artificial worlds with the most realistic possibility of transition. The presence of life in the matrix, experts are already thinking.

The classics for the new reality will be chatbots that communicate with people everywhere, digital bodies. This, as a rule, is represented by science fiction writers, speaking about the future.

“Of course, by 2040 we will definitely have the tools necessary to create and manage a simulation universe,” experts say.

Moreover, the artificial world will bring together both living and dead people. Everything will be as realistic as possible due to the detail and the availability of information, which in modern times is limitless.

Some scientists boldly assume that people are already living in stimulation. Writes about it Tape.ru.

“We may indeed be part of a complex digital simulation designed by some future superintelligence,” some suggest.

For example, ChatGPT artificial intelligence capabilities already have a lot of weight in this matter.

“I am sure that in the coming decades we will be able to create simulation worlds so realistic that it will be difficult for the inhabitants of these worlds to distinguish them from reality,” the experts concluded.

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