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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Newsquantum entanglement has been experimentally demonstrated

quantum entanglement has been experimentally demonstrated


Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon that has long fascinated physicists, including Albert Einstein, but have been unable to prove its existence. 3DNews.

In the new experiment, they built a 30-meter cryogenically cooled vacuum tube so that the flight of photons from one entangled particle to another does not interfere with measurements.

Einstein believed that if quantum entangled particles can affect each other instantly, no matter how far apart they are at the moment of interaction, then they must transmit information faster than light.

Although there is some uncertainty in quantum physics, Wallace believes that the parameters contained in entangled particles can be given away by other parts of the system.

For example, measuring the direction of the spin of one part of a pair of entangled photons can instantly reveal information about the spin of the other part—even if that photon is far away. This phenomenon is called quantum teleportation.

Physicist John Bell proposed a thought experiment, which was then carried out by John Clauser. In the classical system that Bell described, his inequalities are always met, but in quantum reality they are violated.

If Bell’s inequalities are applied to entangled particles, then the simultaneous measurement of two such particles must satisfy or violate the inequalities.

Until then, physicists could exploit loopholes in setting up experiments. No experiment could prove, without a doubt, that there is no exchange of information between two systems – this experiment proved it.

In addition to exploring the effect of temperature on superconductivity, this experiment also tested whether relatively large systems can behave like quantum objects.

In the experiment, two superconducting circuits played the role of particles that were connected to each other. We usually talk about quantum entanglement involving elementary particles such as electrons or photons, rather than objects from our big world.

Superconducting macrosystems open up unprecedented prospects for the development of quantum computers, the implementation of quantum communication and other interesting things. Therein lies the potential that scientists have just begun to explore.

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