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Friday, June 9, 2023
NewsSyria bids farewell to "Sheikh Al-Kar".. The departure of the giant of the drama, Hisham Sharbatji

Syria bids farewell to “Sheikh Al-Kar”.. The departure of the giant of the drama, Hisham Sharbatji



The deceased suffered repeated health problems, following a stroke two years ago.

His daughter, director Rasha Sharbatji, said his condition had improved lately, but he remained tired until his death was announced on Tuesday.

Sheikh Al-Kar.. a giant in the Syrian drama

Sharbatji, born in Damascus, is one of the founders of the renaissance of Syrian theater over the past three decades.

The late graduated with a BA from the Academy of Arts at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Cairo, after which he went to Germany, where he completed his studies.

His works were very popular in the Arab world, especially since many of them were painted with a funny cartoon character.

The deceased was called “Sheikh Al-Kar”, and he also had the biggest footprint when he launched, with Yasser Al-Azma, a series of Syrian comedy series, then other works, including “Jamil and Hana », « 5- star family » and others.

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