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Thursday, June 1, 2023
News"Women don't talk like that." The Moroccan star has been suspended...

“Women don’t talk like that.” The Moroccan star has been suspended after a responsible confrontation


The radio said in a special report that Abou Khalal had had a “verbal altercation” with the deputy mayor of Toulouse, in charge of sports activities, Laurent Aribage.

what happened?

After Toulouse’s historic 5-1 victory over Nantes at the end of April, and securing the Coupe de France title, the team gathered with the supporters at the town hall, to deliver speeches and celebrate.

During a speech by team coach Philippe Montagnier, it seems that several players continue to celebrate behind him.

According to the radio, this prompted the mayor of Toulouse, Laurence Aribage, to confront them, telling them to lower their voices during the speech.

Abu Khalal replied

According to the radio, Aribaj’s demands annoyed Abu Khilal, and he responded by saying, “The women in my house don’t speak that way to men.

This shocked Aribaj, who returned and asked her to calm down, noting, “They are in a municipal building belonging to the French Republic”.

According to the radio, Abu Khalil returned to confront the deputy mayor at the dinner following the celebration and asked him to apologize for what she had done.

Arebag confirmed to Radio Monte Carlo that ‘there is no story here’, noting that the only thing is that footballers don’t like being told to be quiet.

Aribaj was a member of the former centre-right UMP party.

The consequences of the incident

The Toulouse club have decided to suspend the Moroccan star, and isolate him from the team’s collective training, for an indefinite period, until the allegations by Radio Monte Carlo are investigated. .

The club described the accusation as “serious”, stressing that they would carry out a detailed investigation into the incident.

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