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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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WorldMiddle EastAn agreement between Masdar and Airbus to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels

An agreement between Masdar and Airbus to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels

The agreement focuses on strengthening areas of cooperation between the two companies, including the areas of sustainable aviation fuel, green hydrogen, direct air capture technology, as well as ” reservation and recovery” for sustainable aviation fuel.

Direct air capture technology captures atmospheric carbon dioxide and uses it with hydrogen to produce sustainable synthetic fuel for aviation.

The use of sustainable aviation fuels based on green hydrogen and direct air capture technology is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95% compared to the use of conventional fuels, with the global market for sustainable aviation fuels expected to reach over $14 billion by 2032, according to reports from market research and consulting firm Presence.

In the presence of Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al-Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technologies, President-designate of the COP28 conference, Chairman of the Board of “Masdar”, Guillaume Fawry, CEO of Airbus, and Mohammed Jamil Al-Ramahi, CEO of “Masdar”, the agreement was signed by Mohammed Abd Qader Al-Ramahi, executive director of the Green Hydrogen department at Masdar, and Mikael Hawari, president of Airbus in Africa and the Middle East.

For his part, Mohammed Jamil Al Ramahi, CEO of Masdar, said: “This agreement with Airbus is part of Masdar’s deepening commitment to accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions around the world and supports the role leading company in reducing carbon footprint. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with Airbus to support and develop the market for sustainable aviation fuel and explore more innovative low-carbon solutions, which contribute to achieving the desired climate neutrality.

Mikael Hawari, Airbus President for Africa and the Middle East, said: “Sustainable aviation fuel is one of the most important solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation sector. , and this agreement aims to achieve the growth that we seek in this area. Airbus maintains its leadership to push the aviation sector towards a more sustainable future with a commitment to strengthen its contribution to innovation and to support the ambitions set by industry stakeholders, such as the International Air Transport Association , the Air Transport Working Group (ATAG) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.”

Hawari added: “We are proud of the many successes achieved by our cooperation projects, in addition to contributing to the development of the capacities of the aviation sector in the country. This new agreement with Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, Masdar, is a another important step in terms of partnerships between Airbus and the United Arab Emirates.

Sustainable aviation fuel is characterized by being an available and fast solution that contributes directly and significantly to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from air transport, and it can be considered as an alternative fuel without any modification to existing storage or infrastructure of refueling stations, aircraft or engines. It is estimated that the progressive adoption of sustainable fuels around the world will contribute significantly to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in air transport, as it is a key driver for reducing emissions in the future of aviation .

Sustainable aviation fuel is an off-the-shelf solution to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the airline industry. It can be used as a ready-to-use fuel without the need to modify existing storage and refueling infrastructure, aircraft and engines. The progressive adoption of such a solution worldwide would contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions for air transport, as it could be a key factor in achieving a carbon neutral aviation sector in the future. .

And “Masdar” announced during the activities of “Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week” last January, the start of the procedures for obtaining the necessary licenses to certify a new way of producing sustainable aviation fuel from methanol gas, in as part of an alliance led by “Masdar”, to use green hydrogen in the production of sustainable fuel for aircraft.

Founded in 2006, Masdar is a world-leading Emirati company in the field of clean energy, as it is active in more than 40 countries around the world, and invests in a portfolio of renewable energy projects with capacity total production of more than 20 gigawatts.

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