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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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Government and PoliticsErdogan or Kilicdaroglu. Who is closer to the presidency?

Erdogan or Kilicdaroglu. Who is closer to the presidency?

The first round did not produce a winner because the three candidates did not reach 51% of the votes, which forced them to present themselves in the second round.


p class=””> Experts and analysts who spoke to ‘Sky News Arabia’ reported that President Erdogan’s chances appear to be strongest in the second round, after the opposition alliance failed to win the elections in first round as expected, but the competition will be very strong, because each party keeps all its chances. In the second round, which seems open to all possibilities.

Tense competitionTurkish political analyst Nasir Senki says:

The second round will see an intense struggle, and despite the presence of a 5% difference between Erdogan and Klechdar Oglu, both sides will prepare their equipment to enter the second round, and logically, President Erdogan seems to be the closest in virtue of his progress in the first round. Erdogan’s promises seem more realistic than his rival Kılıçdaroğlu’s promises, but several factors will control the outcome of the second round, including the position of Sinan Oğan, who obtained 5% of the vote and is considered the captain’s egg . in the second round, each party wants to obtain its support. The loss of the National Alliance in the parliamentary struggle, and the delay of their candidate behind Erdogan will no doubt affect them psychologically, and there is a shake of confidence among the supporters of the People’s Republican Party, who have been looking forward to win in the first round, and there is a state of anger in party circles. There is a state of euphoria within the Justice and Development Party after securing a parliamentary majority and advancing in the presidential elections, but there is fear among them of the inaction and indolence of voters in go to the polls in the second round. Odds of Kilicdaroglu, Turkish political analyst Jawad Gök says outwardly it looks like Erdogan is closer to winning, but the opposition must keep their chances of winning, and they must believe in their ability to win and organize its ranks again and follow the electoral campaign, and at that time things will not be conclusive and the opposition may be able to win. Senki also pointed out that the opposition did not throw away the handkerchief and did not receive it, and will continue to mobilize in the second round, which will be heated.

Position of Sinan Oghan Both analysts agree on the importance of obtaining the support of the losing candidate, Sinan, to swing the winner in the second round, but he has several conditions:

The four articles of the Turkish constitution should not be changed. The article describing the citizen should not be changed. “Turkish citizens must be called Turkish”. Drop support for terrorism, which refers to the Green Left Party or the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party. The existence of a political program that will rid Turkey of its economic crisis, support the value of the lira and promise to further reduce interest rates.

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