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NewsHow to improve your hearing with a few simple tips

How to improve your hearing with a few simple tips


Several signs let us know if our hearing is weakening: turn up the volume on the radio or television, ask us to repeat certain words or the whole sentence more clearly, etc. Here are some simple practical tips to help you improve our audience:Avoid harsh sounds when listening to music with headphones Speak clearly without raising your voice Exercise regularly or walk at least 30 minutes a day Eat a healthy, balanced diet Talking face to face will make communication easier because lip-reading if necessary Use earplugs or hearing protection when attending concerts, sporting events, or other activities involving loud noise.

How to improve your hearing through nutrition

Following a healthy and balanced diet is always beneficial for our body and affects the quality of life. Certain foods can help us improve our physical performance, our vision, our memory or even our hearing:

Vitamin C can help us improve our hearing Vitamin A improves the functioning of our inner ear Vitamin B stimulates the formation of new inner ear cells Vitamin B12 has a beneficial effect on the immune system Vitamin E prevents the hearing loss Potassium slows the symptoms associated with hearing loss. Omega-3 with anti-inflammatory properties improves blood circulation in the ear. Zinc helps our ear to stay healthy.

Keeping in mind the nutrients that are good for our hearing health, here is a list of foods that are good for hearing:

Chocolate ; Almonds ; Fish ; Beans ; Plums; Raisins ; Strawberries; Yeast ; Oranges; Lemons; Lime ; Milk ; Cheese ; Yogurt ; Vegetables.

Hearing loss can in particular lead to diseases such as deafness or hearing loss. For this reason, it is important to regularly consult a medical specialist in order to identify any pathologies in the early stages.

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The material is for informational purposes only. Before applying the site’s recommendations and advice, a full-time consultation with your doctor is necessary.

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