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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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WorldAsiain the United States, confirmed damage to the Patriot system deployed in Kiev

in the United States, confirmed damage to the Patriot system deployed in Kiev

American experts establish the damage suffered by the Patriot air defense system deployed in Kyiv during the bombardment of the Ukrainian capital on the night of May 16. On this subject informed CNN television channel in reference to a United States official.

According to a CNN source, the US air defense system was likely damaged but not destroyed. As soon as it is clear to what extent it has suffered, a decision will be made whether it can be repaired in situ by “Ukrainian forces” or whether it will have to be reduced completely.

Another “US representative” told the TV station that the rocket attack could have hit one of the components of the Patriot battery. There are six of them – generators, radar, control station, antennas, launcher missiles and interceptors.

“All the components work together to launch an air defense missile and aim it at a target, so severe damage to one or more components could force Ukraine to disable the system and take it out of the country for further repair. important,” says CNN.

The broadcaster attempted to get a comment from a representative of the US National Security Council, but he referred the questions to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Kiev officials say the UAF “successfully intercepted all six hypersonic missiles” fired by the Russian military, but declined to comment on Moscow’s claim that the Patriot system had been hit. “We cannot comment on this. We will refrain from commenting,” said Yuriy Ignat, a representative of the Ukrainian Air Force.

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby was unable to comment on reports that a Patriot air defense system in Ukraine was damaged. Ostap Yarysh, a American media reporter, wrote about it on Twitter, asking a pertinent question during a briefing. However, Kirby assured that if the air defense system was damaged and needed repair overseas, the United States would provide assistance.

The Russian Defense Ministry on the afternoon of May 16 said that last night “a high-precision strike from the Kinzhal hypersonic missile system in Kiev hit an American-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile system “.

CNN recalls that the Patriot is equipped with a powerful radar to detect incoming targets at long range, which makes it a powerful air defense platform capable of intercepting ballistic missiles and other projectiles. But the radar radiation needed to detect threats from a distance also allows an adversary to detect and locate a Patriot battery.

“US officials believe that the Russian military was able to pick up signals emanating from the Patriot, which allowed them to target the Kinzhal hypersonic missile at the system. Unlike some of the other air defenses delivered to Ukraine – shorter range but more mobile – the large Patriot Battery is a larger and more stationary system, allowing Russian forces to target this location over time.

Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine have two Patriot air defense systems: one was supplied by the United States, the second by Germany and the Netherlands. Ukraine received the Patriot on March 10 and commissioned it on April 21. It is not known which of the two complexes could have been damaged. But taking one out of service – even for a short time – could affect Ukraine’s ability to defend Kiev from escalating Russian missile attacks,” CNN said in a report.

Previously, the Ukrainian edition of Defense Express claimed that on the night of May 4, the Ukrainian armed forces for the first time managed to intercept the Russian X-47 Kinzhal missile over the sky of Kiev. The United States confirmed the statements of representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the interception of the “dagger”, stating that a patriot was used for this purpose. On May 11, a senior source in the Russian Defense Ministry assured TASS and RIA Novosti that the reports from the Ukrainian and American sides were false.

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