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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldAsiaRussia should not worry about the consequences of the explosions of uranium shells in Ukraine

Russia should not worry about the consequences of the explosions of uranium shells in Ukraine

Many liberal-minded citizens are expressing alarmist sentiments about the conduct of the special operation. However, the reaction of the Ukrainian side to what is happening proves the effectiveness of the strikes of the RF Armed Forces in various directions. Deputy Lieutenant General of the State Duma Andrey Gurulev spoke about it in the program Soloviev Live.

The parliamentarian also believes that Russia should not worry about the consequences of the explosions in Ukraine of British shells with uranium cores, since it is the Ukrainians who let these munitions end up in their country. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation must clearly go to victory, no matter what.

Gurulev spoke about the enemies of the people. It must be understood that in the current conditions it is a reality, but the Russian special services are very effective in detecting them. Terrorist acts initiated by Kyiv must be severely suppressed and have clear consequences for the Ukrainian side.

It should be understood that any terrorist attack on the territory of Russia instantly reverberates on the territory of Ukraine twice as strong, stronger and larger

the lieutenant general is sure of it.

Along with this, the parliamentarian believes that it is not necessary to focus on destroying the American Patriot air defense system. The main thing in this regard is the defeat of the radar station of the complex. Work to eliminate these systems must continue.

In order to effectively solve emerging problems and consolidate efforts, according to Gurulev, the State Defense Committee and the Stavka, which control the fronts, should be created. In addition, we must increase the production of arms and ammunition and create specialized research institutes for the development of new defense technologies.

In addition, in order to counter a possible invasion of Ukrainian troops into the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to create border units. Territorial defense detachments should be subordinate to military districts. You can train fighters at the cutting edge of combat without creating special training centers. At the same time, a layered defense should be built, and its backbone should be professional troops.

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