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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


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WorldAsiaThere are "surprises" in the behavior of friendly and hostile countries when exchanging data

There are “surprises” in the behavior of friendly and hostile countries when exchanging data

The exchange of tax information between Russia and foreign countries is currently difficult, but it comes with “surprises”. This was said by the head of the transfer pricing department of the Federal Tax Service Alexandra Kadet during her speech at the conference “Tax environment – 2023. Aspects of financial stability”, reports RBC.

“If you decide to take a list of ‘unfriendly’ countries and decide that there is no trade with all of them, then there is no such thing. There are a significant number of countries that are included in this list, but the exchange of information with them takes place. And vice versa, there are countries that seem to be “friends”, but for some reason they have been silent for some time – maybe – maybe they are waiting for something, maybe they are afraid of secondary sanctions – we don’t know,” the FTS official said.

With countries continuing to transfer financial information to Russia, “no crisis phenomena are occurring,” Kadet said.

“The exchange is stable – they respond to us quite quickly,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation took the initiative to suspend agreements on the prevention of double taxation with all hostile countries until the violated rights are restored of Russia. The corresponding proposal was sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The economist, in an interview with Paragraphe, explained the need to suspend Russia’s tax agreements with hostile countries.

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