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Thursday, June 1, 2023
Newstwo US Navy submarines were damaged by dangerous objects on the ocean...

two US Navy submarines were damaged by dangerous objects on the ocean floor


Scientists have mapped 25% of the world’s oceans, marking 19,000 underwater volcanoes on their detailed map.

These deposits contain valuable metals that can harm submarines as they pass through. In the 1950s, sonar surveys of the seafloor were used for navigation. However, in 1956, during tests of sonar emitting fan-shaped signals, a volcanic ridge was accidentally discovered.

Today, many techniques are used to capture the ocean. However, sonar remains an important tool for mapping underwater objects and landscapes.

Since the launch of the global partnership, about 90 square kilometers of the underwater environment has been mapped using remote sensing. Recently, satellite radiometry has been used to accelerate this process.

Satellite altimetry, unlike sonar, better identifies dangerous underwater objects. She has already been able to track two cases of US submarines colliding with these obstacles – in 2005 and 2021, writes RIA News.

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