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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaAIDS on its World Day. Raising awareness in the community about means of prevention

AIDS on its World Day. Raising awareness in the community about means of prevention

Purpose of World AIDS Vaccine Awareness Day:

Raise awareness of the need to develop an effective vaccine against the HIV virus that causes AIDS. Educate the community on ways to prevent infection with this virus. HIV remains an important global public health problem. Transmission of the infection continues in all countries of the world.

AIDS has claimed the lives of 40 million people worldwide:

In 2021, 650,000 people will die of HIV-related causes. People with AIDS can now live a long life thanks to treatment. Global strategies to end HIV by 2030. 95% of all people living with HIV should be diagnosed. 95% of patients must follow antiretroviral treatment. The need to suppress viral load in 95% of patients on treatment.

Earlier this year, researchers announced the failure of the HIV vaccine, the only one scientists were working to develop, in late-stage trials, dealing a major blow to disease control efforts. But the hope of practical progress is still there.

Professor of Immunology and Fellow of the American Academy, Dr. Abdel-Hadi Mesbah, explains in an interview in Sabah, “Sky News Arabia”:

The AIDS virus appeared almost 44 years ago and vaccine trials began in 1989. It is therefore not a new need. Vaccine trials have started in India, Korea and the United States, but there have always been obstacles to producing such a safe and effective vaccine without the virus being in the body at all. The developments that took place during the access to a vaccine against Covid 19 gave us a lot of hope, because both viruses are of the type “RNE”, which belongs to the group, like “C” and others virus. The problem with AIDS is not in the development of technology, but in how the immune system deals with the new mutations that arise. The current status of the vaccine is to only inhibit the carrier of the virus and not to get rid of the virus itself.

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