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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsScientists have created a diet that can rejuvenate women by 11.1 years in just 56 days

Scientists have created a diet that can rejuvenate women by 11.1 years in just 56 days

Scientists from the University of Virginia announced the development of a special diet that will help women look 11.1 years younger in just eight weeks.

Aging magazine spoke about the scientific experiment. In the course of scientific work, the results of rejuvenation were different and ranged from 4.6 years to 11.1 years.

The study was not massive and only six women took part in it. Such a small number is explained by the fact that the work was carried out at the highest level, and a large number of participants would only complicate them.

The results were interesting. Only one of the women’s life clock did not go back, she finished the experiment at the same biological age at which she started. But this can also be considered a good result, because there was no deterioration.

Scientists consider the rejuvenation not of the appearance of the participants, but of their body, to be the main scientific breakthrough. Such interventions will cost people much less than cosmetic ones, so scientific work has great prospects.

The essence of the experiment was that the biological age was first determined in women, and then the so-called “methylation clock” was used, which was invented by gerontologist Steve Horvath in 2013. To date, they are the standard for diagnosing biological age, and they have shown to rejuvenate women involved in scientific work.

With the help of human DNA located in those places that are important for regulating the wilting process, the watch identified the so-called methyl marks. They exert their influence by directing the work of important genes, and as a result of this, the same genes began to work as young ones.

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