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Thursday, October 5, 2023


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NewsScientists Tozzi and Peters believe that there is a fourth dimension in the human brain

Scientists Tozzi and Peters believe that there is a fourth dimension in the human brain

Researchers Arturo Tozii and James Peters doubted that the human brain is a three-dimensional object, suspecting a fourth dimension.

According to scientists, the human brain can be a body with a curved surface that can be described in four dimensions. This theory is based on the fact that some of the functions of an organ are due to its existence in four-dimensional space.

Experts are trying to find out where the human thought process takes place. Some fragments of scientific work rely on the fourth dimension as a physical reality, which is not yet available to the whole organism.

To prove their assumption, Tozzi and Peters propose to look for the so-called “shadows” or “echoes” of the fourth dimension in human-accessible dimensions using the Borsuk-Uhlan theorem. Judging by it, brain activity should give rise to some “points – antipodes”, which can be noticed and tracked using the method of monitoring brain activity accessible to science.

If MRI can fix the synchronous activity of two opposite points, then this will be proof of the existence of the fourth dimension, in which our main organ resides. The researchers’ scientific findings could revolutionize the field of brain research. However, while their conclusions remain only at the stage of a hypothesis, which has practically no weighty evidence, writes Solenka.info .

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