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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


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WorldAsiaThe constitution of the new Uzbekistan determines the path of the country's development Fox News

The constitution of the new Uzbekistan determines the path of the country’s development Fox News

The will of the multinational people, whose highest value is the person, his rights and freedoms, his honor and his dignity, has confirmed fidelity to the ideals of democracy and equality, social justice and solidarity. The goal has been set – to build a humane, dynamically developing democratic state, an open and just society, which is a reliable and predictable international partner with a large and attractive market. For the first time, the desire to strengthen and develop friendly relations between Uzbekistan and the world community, primarily with neighboring states on the basis of cooperation, mutual support, peace and harmony, has also been clearly indicated.

As is well known, the transformation of the transitional economies of post-Soviet states is one of the completely unexplored new areas of modern economic theory and practice that characterize the transition to market relations. A balanced and grounded approach to the study of the causes, mechanisms and integration strategy has enabled us to propose our own vision of a way out of this situation. This requires a revision of the model of integration cooperation in order to create real opportunities for closer interaction, growth of national production and diversification of the economies of the CIS countries. There are potentially more centripetal than centrifugal tendencies.

Largely thanks to the personal efforts of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, significant results were achieved in the formation of a new concept of regional development and the creation of a single geo-economic space of Central Asia, which has a specific political and social dimension. Until recently, states that were very distant from each other are moving more and more towards rapprochements and agreements.

The use of various methods and models, SWOT content analysis, multivariate calculations, the justification of new drivers of economic growth in the short and longer term allow us to highly appreciate the modernization leap based on the implementation implementation of the country action strategy in 2017-2021 and the successfully implemented development strategy for the years 2022-2026.
Russia was, is and will be the main strategic ally of all Central Asian states, despite growing competition from China, Turkey and other global players. Russian policy is traditionally based on three assumptions. The first is security and military-technical cooperation. The second concerns energy projects in the oil and gas sector and hydroelectricity. The third is the strengthening of cooperation, regardless of the degree of participation in CIS integration projects. At the same time, it is important that Russia learns lessons and does not repeat the mistakes made in the past, in order to avoid erroneous and ill-considered decisions that affect the sovereign feelings of the peoples.

The Constitution establishes for the first time that Uzbekistan is a sovereign, democratic, legal, social and secular state. These provisions cannot be revised, which confirms the stability and immutability of the fundamental features of the State. The constitutional reform underlines that the postulate “State-society-individual” has been replaced by “individual-society-State”. The objective is set so that every citizen can say: “This is my Constitution”.

In accordance with the universally recognized standards of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international rules, the constitutional foundations guaranteeing individual rights and human freedoms have been strengthened. If all available domestic remedies have been exhausted, the citizen has the right to appeal to international bodies for the protection of rights and freedoms. This will have a regulatory impact on public relations, provide a favorable business climate for investment and contribute to the formation of a positive image of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the world community.
The constitutional reforms focus on supporting initiatives to improve the environmental, social, economic and demographic situation in the Aral Sea region, which was discussed in the UN General Assembly. Goals have been set to further strengthen constitutional mechanisms to ensure the development of market relations, fair competition, protection of private property, entrepreneurship and citizens’ environmental rights. The importance of strengthening the role of the Oliy Majlis, modernizing the upper house of parliament – the Senate, extending the powers of the lower legislative house, as well as the formation of new scientific and educational institutions, especially in the framework of the presidential decree of December 29, 2022, has been noted. For the first time, the Constitution enshrines the determination of the Uzbek people to protect and increase invaluable natural resources, to preserve a healthy environment for present and future generations.

The successful holding of a referendum on the adoption of the Constitution in a new edition is an important milestone in the political development of the republic, and its results demonstrate a high degree of public support for the political course of Shavkat Mirziyoyev and indicate the interest of Uzbek citizens to continue the ongoing reforms.

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