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Monday, September 25, 2023


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Pink PageThe fashion designer who lost an entire clothing line at the party

The fashion designer who lost an entire clothing line at the party

Briton Alexander McQuenn (born 1969-died 2010) was one of the world’s best-known and most sought-after fashion designers. In 2000, he sold the majority of his business to the big business Gucci, and subsequently stores under his name were established in many parts of the world.

During his career, he designed a total of 36 clothing lines. Among other things, fashion experts have described her designs as imaginative and even controversial. It is said that in his creations, McQueen explored such phenomena as, for example, romance, sexuality and death. Among McQueen’s best-known design products are, for example, armadillo shoes and a skull scarf. Her fashion shows were often considered performance art.
Armadillo shoes / Christie’s
McQueen’s life and work have been discussed in the same title documentary film which was released in 2018.

McQueen launched his first line of clothing in 1992. The next came out in 1993 and was named Taxi Driver after his father, who was a taxi driver in London, and the 1976 film of the same name. The most famous design in this line was the so-called “bumster” pants that were unusually low on the wearer’s body. McQueen later said that with this design he wanted to show how the shape of clothes can change the way people look.

McQueen was still gaining ground as a designer and so the Taxi Driver line was very much characterized by the use of inexpensive materials. He was invited to show the line at a special exhibition for new designers at the Ritz Hotel in London. He was one of six designers allowed to participate in the exhibition. The show has been described as a bit of a circus in parts, but McQueen had little money to spend on exhibits and was himself not well off meeting reporters and potential buyers.

A fateful party

On the day the show ended, McQueen and co-worker Simon Ungless packed the exhibited clothing into several trash bags. They went to a club to celebrate and in order not to have to pay a fee to store their clothes in the venue’s clothing store, they hid the bags behind the venue near the trash cans. As a result, they had so much fun that they forgot the bags.

When McQueen went to pick them up the next morning, the bags were gone. Apparently, none of these original clothes, from the Taxi Driver line, have been found.

However, the line attracted a lot of attention. Prior to her disappearance, part of her was photographed and the photos were published in the Daily Telegraph newspaper. The line was later described as having played a major role in reviving British fashion from the doldrums it had sunk into in the early 1990s.

However, the loss of the Taxi Driver line did not hurt McQueen’s career at all. Later that year he held his first professional solo exhibition and his career took off after that. He sent two lines a year, one for spring and summer and the other for winter and fall, for the rest of his life. It can also be mentioned that he designed a special bell dress for musician Björk Guðmundsdóttir, which she used in a video for her song. Who is it.

Alexander McQueen has enjoyed great success in his career. As his life progressed, however, he increasingly struggled with mental illness, which led him to commit suicide in February 2010.

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