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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsToulouse reveals the results of the investigation with the star of Morocco...

Toulouse reveals the results of the investigation with the star of Morocco and makes its decision


What is Toulouse’s decision?

The club said, in a statement posted on their official Twitter page:

After our internal investigation and the numerous discussions that resulted from it, a meeting was held between Lawrence Aribiji and our player Zakaria Abu Khalil, in the presence of the club’s management. After this meeting, we concluded that the allegations published by the “Monte Carlo” network did not really reflect what happened on April 30, at the town hall of Toulouse during the celebration of the Coupe de France title. Accordingly, we confirm that the investigation by Toulouse FC is closed and that the player will return to the squad as of today. The club will not provide further comment on the incident.

what happened?

Radio Monte Carlo revealed in a special report that Abou Khallal had a “verbal altercation” with Lawrence Aribagi during Toulouse’s celebrations for the Coupe de France title. During a speech by team coach Philippe Montagnier, it seems that several players continue to celebrate behind him. According to the radio, this prompted the Tolo town official to confront them and ask them to lower their voices during the speech. Zakaria responded to the manager by saying, “Women in my country don’t talk that way to men.” According to the same source, during dinner, Abu Khallal returned to the deputy mayor and asked him to apologize for what she had done. In the process, the Toulouse club decided to suspend the Moroccan star, and to isolate him from the collective training of the team, for an indefinite period, until the allegations of Radio “Monte Carlo” make the news. subject of an investigation.

What is Al-Raqraqi’s comment?

Moroccan national team coach Walid Rekragui told French newspaper L’Equipe:

My team and I were amazed at what happened, because if there is a good player that we cannot imagine in this kind of story, it is Zack. He’s a decent young man, with real values ​​and a good education. Zakaria called me and strongly denied this quarrel with the French official. For example, the manager of the Moroccan national team is a woman, and he treated her with great respect in recent World Cup competitions. On top of all that, the player doesn’t speak French, and I told him he had to learn it quickly to better adapt to his environment.

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