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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldEuropeXi Jinping called on Shaanxi Province to contribute to China's modernization Fox News

Xi Jinping called on Shaanxi Province to contribute to China’s modernization Fox News

Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the announcement after listening to the report on the work of the CPC and the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government Committee before China – The Central Asia Summit will be held under the chairmanship of Xi Jinping in the provincial capital city of Xi’an.

Xi Jinping stressed that Shaanxi Province should take promoting high-quality development as a top priority and, based on local realities, actively participate and work to create a new development architecture.

The Chinese leader said efforts should be made to achieve new breakthroughs in areas such as self-sufficiency and capacity building in science and technology, industrial upgrading, promoting the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, the opening up and strengthening environmental protection.

In order to catch up with and surpass other regions, the province needs to make new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation and upgrading of the industrial system, Xi said. He urged Shaanxi to develop new competitive advantages while strengthening its leading position in traditional industries.
Shaanxi should accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries in accordance with the requirements of technology, intelligence and environmental friendliness, as well as the formation of a modern industrial system that meets the criteria of integrity, progressiveness and safety. , Xi Jinping continued, demanding that more efforts be directed towards strengthening modern energy industrial clusters.

Photo: China Media Corporation

The Chinese leader stressed that the most difficult task to comprehensively build a modernized socialist state and promote common prosperity still lies in rural areas. He stressed the importance of efforts to bridge the gap between city and countryside and build a county economic system, in which county centers will play the role of nucleus and small towns will play the role of nodal points. .

He also called for the intensive development of specific industries, taking into account local conditions, expanding opportunities to increase peasants’ incomes and preventing a large part of the population from falling back into poverty.

Efforts should be made to promote green and low-carbon transformation of development patterns and strengthen environmental protection, Xi said. He stressed the need for strict implementation of the PRC’s Yellow River Protection Law and related plans, as well as strengthening environmental protection and restoration of the Yellow River Basin, known as the “mother river” of the Chinese nation.

Xi Jinping called for promoting green and low-carbon socio-economic development, promoting the green transformation of the energy industry, and at the same time actively promoting carbon neutrality. It is necessary to carry out work to promote green consumption and further promote the economical and intensive use of resources, he said.

Photo: China Media Corporation

The Chinese leader called for efforts to expand opening-up and make China’s inland province a frontier for reform and opening up. The province should fully explore Xi’an’s role as a freight transportation hub on China-Europe rail routes, and move more quickly to become an important outbound channel for Central, South and South Asia. from West.

Speaking about the party-wide educational campaign to study and implement the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, Xi called on party organizations at all levels to thoroughly and consistently promote this. process and to obtain practical results in the consolidation of inner strength, the acquisition of wisdom, improvement of behavior and motivational actions.

He stressed the importance of being able to navigate difficult situations, accumulate social strength and prevent political risks, calling for the development of thought and the transformation of the worldview and the methodology of ideas of socialism. to Chinese characteristics in a new era, as well as the viewpoints, approaches and methods they contain as a “boilerplate for solving problems”.

Xi Jinping also stressed the need to work in a more scientific, forward-looking, proactive and creative manner, to strengthen the ability to promote high-quality development, to serve society, to prevent and eliminate risks and to continuously improve. the level of professionalism.

He said Shaanxi Province should use its historical and cultural resources and “red culture” to push forward the education campaign and achieve meaningful progress.

On the way to Shaanxi, Xi Jinping visited Yuncheng City District in North China’s Shanxi Province with an inspection, where he examined the city museum and the salt lake. He said the precious cultural relics housed in the Yuncheng Museum, some of which are national treasures, are witnesses of Chinese history, culture and civilization.
Xi Jinping called for new efforts to promote a national research project dedicated to researching the origins of Chinese civilization and historical research of this civilization so as to improve the ability to protect and use cultural relics and transmit Chinese cultural heritage to future generations. Upon seeing the Yuncheng Salt Lake, which has been used by people for over 4,600 years, Xi Jinping noted that the ecological value and functions of the salt lake are becoming increasingly important, and called for coordinated efforts to protect it and use it to better protect the historical heritage. and cultural value.

Preserving the environment and developing the Yellow River Basin is an important strategic goal adopted by the CPC Central Committee to ensure the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization, Xi said. He demanded that provinces and regions along the Yellow River consider the preservation of the river basin ecology as the basis for planning and ensuring high-quality development.

During the inspection visit, Xi Jinping was accompanied by Cai Qi, member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, head of the CPC Central Committee Office, who also attended the meeting.

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