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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsAbsences surround Al-Ahly and Al-Taraji in African match against Cairo

Absences surround Al-Ahly and Al-Taraji in African match against Cairo


Esperance suffered in the first meeting in Tunisia and lost 3-0, against the backdrop of the absence of 7 players in the ranks of the “Sang et Or” team at the Radès stadium, in addition to the absence of supporters in execution of the “CAF” penalty on the Tunisian team.

Absences at Al-Ahly

Despite their reassuring victory in the first leg, a doubt escaped the Al-Ahly club due to the impressive absences that plagued the team ahead of the second leg, including the absence of main goalkeeper, Muhammad Al-Shennawy.

Besides Al-Shennawi, midfielder Hamdi Fathi and team defender Rami Rabia are missing, with blurry vision on more than one player at risk of suspension in the final.

Swiss manager Marcel Kohler, coach of Al-Ahly, can keep the duo, Mohamed Hani and Taher Mohamed, on the bench so that neither of them receives a warning in the game which will prevent them from reaching the final, to be suspended if Al-Ahmar crosses.

Absences Hope

Esperance played the first leg without their main goalkeeper, Moez Ben Sharifia, so that his absence would continue to return to Cairo Stadium.

Esperance will miss Hani Amamou, Ghaylan Al-Shaalali, Hamdo Al-Huni and Riyad Bin Ayad through injury.

Esperance are threatened by the absence of midfielder Mohamed Ali Bin Ramadan due to injury, despite the player’s gradual return in the days leading up to the match and his rehabilitation training ahead of the fateful confrontation.

A big interest

Marcel Koehler, coach of the Al-Ahly club, denied his lack of interest in facing the second leg after winning the first leg with three goals, indicating that he would not resort to rotation and rest of the players, as has been reported in recent days.

Kohler said he was well aware of the scale of the challenge facing his team at the Cairo Stadium, indicating that the first leg result is not taken into account, and that he considers qualification to be decided by the need to win the second leg only.

Koller added: “The big win in the first leg will not deceive us. We face Taraji without arrogance or recklessness, as if we were tied without goals in the first encounter.”

no it’s impossible

Anis Al-Busaidi has taken over the task of forming Espérance, succeeding Nabil Maaloul, who tendered his resignation after the big defeat at the Radès stadium against Al-Ahly, to confirm that his team aspires to qualify.

Al-Busaidi said that football does not know the impossible, adding: “We are keen to present a great match against Al-Ahly to restore consideration. In this match, everything is still possible.”

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