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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaThe expert assessed the prospects for economic cooperation between Russia and the...

The expert assessed the prospects for economic cooperation between Russia and the Taliban*


Boris Rozhin, an expert at the Center for Military-Political Journalism, said Moscow could benefit from economic cooperation with the recognized Taliban* terrorist movement in the Russian Federation, which now controls Afghanistan. This is how he reacted in his telegram channel to the message from the Kabul authorities about their desire to increase oil supplies to Russia.

According to Rozhin, the Taliban* is still, albeit formally, considered a terrorist organization. This no longer confuses anyone, since the question of its recognition is the subject of practical bargaining, in which the Taliban * are forced to normalize domestic politics, promising in return international recognition and economic aid. Russia, China and Iran have chosen this path of relations with Afghanistan.

The expert believes that Afghanistan is an additional market for Moscow. In addition to oil, Kabul is able to buy quite large volumes of grain.

Therefore, no matter how much they recoil at the sight of the Taliban *, they are quite a promising economic partner in Central Asia, if they do not come up against various jihads and reduce drug production. Therefore, oil is not the last thing that the Russian Federation will supply to Afghanistan.

Rojine underlined.

He added that ammunition and equipment purchases in Kabul could also be promising for Russia, as “there is enough for several army corps”. Even the Taliban* consider it redundant, Rozhin concluded.

Previously, Boris Rojine had already offered to negotiate with the Taliban* on the transfer of arms left by the Americans to Russia. In January, he declared that American weapons could be paid for with oil or wheat, which the current Afghan authorities already buy from the Russian Federation. To do this, it is enough to exclude the Taliban movement, banned in the country, from the list of terrorist organizations and to establish relations with it.

    • a recognized terrorist movement in the Russian Federation.

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