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NewsIrritable Bowel Syndrome.. Tips That Will Ease Pain Syndrome Difficulties

Irritable Bowel Syndrome.. Tips That Will Ease Pain Syndrome Difficulties


According to the newspaper “The Sun”, all the experts agreed that the following habits should be an integral part of the lives of infected people:

Drink at least two liters of water a day. Practice sports. Get enough rest throughout the day. Regularity in eating meals.

Dr Sunny Patel, an intestinal health doctor in London, suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and shares the details of what is going on with him:

bloating Painful cramps. Go to the toilet frequently. Low energy and concentration during the day.

In addition to following the advice above, Dr Patel said he focuses on:

Get enough sleep (six to eight hours a night) and relax before bed. Avoid spicy, fried, processed or refined trigger foods, refined carbohydrates and alcohol. Avoid tight clothing which can be uncomfortable in the event of a sudden cramp. Drink peppermint tea to relieve bloating. Eat fruits and vegetables and add sources of “probiotics” like oats and bananas to your diet to support gut health.

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