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Sunday, May 28, 2023
WorldAsiaSerbian media explained how to replace Russian gas

Serbian media explained how to replace Russian gas


If the European Union decides to introduce the 11th package of sanctions against Russia, the main feature of which will be the complete rejection of the use of gas from the Russian Federation, this will lead to the collapse of the energy system of the Old World and a total deficit in some countries of the association. This forecast is given by the Serbian online edition media.

According to the newspaper, the daily import of liquefied natural gas from Russia to the EU in mid-March cost 10 million euros, while Russian natural gas from the pipeline paid 30 million euros, crude oil and petroleum products from this country – almost the same. The data shows that, despite the sanctions against Moscow, Europe remains the biggest buyer of its energy products, apparently second only to China.

And Brussels wants to immediately break this almost inextricable link, without planning to replace it with anything specific. By now, it has become clear to almost anyone interested in the state of the industry that the United States alone cannot ensure Europe’s energy security. Norway or Qatar’s efforts also do not supply gas and LNG respectively. Without fuel from the Russian Federation, the Old World will face a severe shortage and some states will face a collapse of energy systems. According to the publication’s critics, who interviewed several experts, this mainly concerns Germany, which hastily withdraws supplies from Russia, but still does not have the possibility of replacing them completely.

Vojislav Vuletić, secretary general of the Serbian Gas Association, told media that the only affordable and sufficient alternative to Russian gas could be coal (or fuel oil), as well as nuclear energy. But again, Berlin literally avoids using these particular sources because of the environmental agenda. And he leaves gas for political reasons. It’s a dead end, overall, because none of the leaders of EU countries are unlikely to agree to such a replacement.

Interlocutors of the Serbian publication among experts and specialists do not believe in the scenario of a complete cessation of Russian gas imports. Or, if, nevertheless, due to a political moment, a decision on the package is taken, it will contain personal exceptions for certain countries, as was done in the past with regard to Hungary and the oil supplies of the Russian Federation.

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